Our fabrics are sourced from the most premium denim producers in the industry. These include Kurabo, Kuroki and Nihon Menpu mills from Japan, as well as Cone mills in the US and Candiani mills in Italy.

On all our product pages, we specify which mill we sourced the fabric from.


Using the highest quality cottons, they create the most luxurious and expensive denim available, and not without reason. The feel and appearance of these fabrics are superior to your ordinary denim fabrics and this is what makes them so special and desirable.

These mills also specialise in creating the highest quality selvedge fabrics.

Selvedge has an instantly recognisable inseam and Its texture is uneven and irregular, which gives the fabric a unique appearance and a rich handle.


Old-fashioned shuttle looms are used to create selvedge fabrics, which many fabric producers have long abandoned. The denim fabric is cut from a bound end of a roll, creating a finished edge on a garment without needing any extra sewing, making a ‘self’ ‘edge’ – hence how the word selvedge was formed. This prevents the denim from ever unravelling, creating a far sturdier and sustainable product.

All our mens jeans are made for premium selvedge fabrics, mainly from Japan and all our women’s jeans are made from premium Japanese denim, of which half are selvedge denims

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