We source our fabrics from the most premium and internationally recognised denim producers in the industry. These include Kurabo, Kuroki and Nihon Menpu mills from Japan, as well as Cone mills in the US and Candiani mills in Italy. All of these mills are considered to be the most premium suppliers of the finest denim fabrics in the world.

They use the highest quality cottons, spun on specialised looms and a skilled workforce to create the most luxurious and expensive denim available, and not without reason. The feel and appearance of these fabrics are far superior to your ordinary denim fabrics and this is what makes them so special and so desirable.

These mills are also specialists in creating selvedge, which is a particular type of denim that has been produced since the mid 1800’s. Selvedge has an instantly recognisable inseam and Its texture is uneven and irregular, which gives the fabric a unique appearance and a rich handle. Old-fashioned shuttle looms are used to create selvedge fabrics, which many fabric producers have long abandoned.

D84WY0 1924 Non-Stop Shuttle Change Toyoda Automatic Loom, Type G 1.
D84WY0 1924 Non-Stop Shuttle Change Toyoda Automatic Loom, Type G 1.

The denim fabric is cut from a bound end of a roll, creating a finished edge on a garment without needing any extra sewing, making a ‘self’ ‘edge’ – hence how the word selvedge was formed. This prevents the denim from ever unravelling, creating a far sturdier and sustainable product. Despite its manufacturing process being slower, more labor intensive and more expensive, the jeans produced in this way have a feel and appearance that is second to none.

Since the boom of the jeans industry in 1950’s, denim mills replaced these old shuttle looms with modern machinery that were much faster and cheaper to run, in order to keep up with the rising demand and lower costs. The Japanese bought up the majority of these old shuttle looms and have now become the unprecedented world leaders in premium selvedge production.

Today, selvedge denim has evolved into a trend for the fashion conscious and this trend meant that brands needed to find much cheaper ways to source selvedge. The costs of sourcing from these premium selvedge mills were simply too high for most brands and this led to the rise of third world countries producing selvedge at a much lower price, sacrificing on cotton and dye qualities, as well as the skilled labour needed to create the special textures.

Rolls of selvedge denim

However, selvedge is not just about the fancy inseam, it is also about the cotton and dye quality as well as thee way the fabric is spun and this is why we choose our fabric suppliers very carefully. Quality fabrication is a key factor that differentiates a premium product from a commercial product and we are proud to state that our fabrics are of the highest possible standards.

All our mens jeans are made for premium selvedge fabrics, mainly from Japan and all our women’s jeans are made from premium Japanese denim, of which around half are selvedge denims.


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