Fabrics are the most important component contributing to the final look and feel of a garment. We take them very seriously. 

Kaihara, Kuroki, Kurabo, Nihon Menpu from Japan, Berto and Candiani from Italy, these are the best denim mills in the industry and they create the most premium and expensive denim fabrics for high-end international brands.

They also specialise in making selvedge, a specialised denim cloth made using old-fashioned shuttle looms, which have been long abandoned by many fabric producers. These are the fabrics we love the most and you'll find they make up a core of our repertoire. 

All new collections will be made from organic and recycled denim fabrics sourced from these mills. 


The core of our business.

Expert craftsmanship techniques, combined with innovative new technologies that drastically reduce water waste and pollution. This is what we look for when partnering with factories. 


Our first factory is called A14 and they're based in the heart of Istanbul. They've been producing premium denims for high-end labels since in 1982.

Pattern cutting, stitching, and scraping of the jeans are all done by hand. This is the authentic way to make great jeans. When it comes to laundering, A14's advanced washing machines consume far less water, energy, and chemicals, creating a much more sustainable end product. 

They fulfil all responsibilities in terms of workers in the field of social compliance, suppliers and the environment. They are monitored by independent audit firms BSCI and Sedex for social conformity. Their audit rating is A.




Our new denim factory, Zetabi Srl. This is one of Italy's most sustainable factories and they make denims for some of the most iconic luxury brands. 

Powered by solar panels and they recycle all the water used during the wash process of the jeans. Italian craftsmanship combined with technological innovation, this factory is a leader in premium denim production.

We are working together with Zetabi to create the most sustainable fashion denim ever made. More information coming soon.