It takes 11,500 litres of water to produce just one pair of jeans using traditional methods. Here’s how it works. 

Once woven, cut and stitched, jeans are then washed and treated to create that ‘worn in’ look. Factory washing just a pair of jeans using conventional machinery consumes another 1500 litres of water and chemicals, which usually ends up in rivers and seas.  

We believe in a better future. 

That's why we’ve produced our first collection with an A-rated premium denim factory that uses the latest hi-tech machinery to reduce water waste and pollution.  

New collections are made from organic and recycled materials. This includes denim fabrics, pocketing lining, buttons and rivets, stitching thread and labels. We've partnered with a new Italian factory that is powered by solar, and they recycle all the water used in the washing process. 

We're also working with 2 charities by donating a percentage of our sales to their valuable causes. For every pair of jeans sold, we will plant a tree through Plant A Tree Foundation and for every 10 pairs sold, we will donate enough money Water Aid to build clean hand washing stations for 3 families in Mozambique. Our way of giving back.

It's time to clean up our industry and we're taking the lead.



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