One for One

Whether it’s switching the lights off, getting our coffee in a reusable cup or recycling our waste, we’re all doing our bit to be greener. Here at ONE, we are all about great jeans, but we’re also about sustainability, ethical practice and innovation.

Our industry has taught us the impact that apparel production has on the environment. It takes around 11,500 litres of water to produce just one pair of jeans using traditional technology. Surprised? Here’s how it works. 

Once woven, cut and stitched, jeans are then washed and treated to create that ‘worn in’ look. Believe it or not, factory washing just a pair of jeans using conventional machinery consumes around 1500 litres of water and chemicals. Unfortunately, this usually ends up in our rivers and seas.

Those numbers are pretty astounding, which is why we’ve partnered with a premium denim factory that uses the latest hi-tech machinery to reduce water waste and pollution. Advanced washing machines consume less energy, water and chemicals. More innovation, less waste.  

For our next collection, we will be introducing new innovative laser technology to wash our jeans. This revolutionary laser machinery consumes just ONE glass of water for ONE pair of jeans.

Rather than using water to create fading and distressed finishes, laser technology uses a computer managed process to burn the wash into denim. It’s fast, effective and most importantly, drastically reduces water consumption and pollution. 

Introducing One For One.

We have partnered with 2 charities by donating a percentage of our sales to their incredible causes.

For every pair of jeans sold, we will plant ONE tree and for every 10 pairs sold, we will donate enough to build clean hand washing stations for 3 families in Mozambique.

This is our way of giving back!


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