Luxury Denim

Our fabrics are selected from the finest denim mills in the world. We specialise in premium selvedge denim and Japanese denim, both known for their superior quality and outstanding craftsmanship.



Selvedge denim is so in demand because of its instantly recognizable inseam which most denim enthusiasts proudly show by rolling up their jeans. Its texture tends to be uneven and irregular which also gives the fabric a unique appearance and a rich handle.

Selvedge jeans are made to last and are specifically designed to be lived in. The fabric is made using old-fashioned shuttle looms which many fabric producers have long abandoned.

The denim is cut from a bound end of a roll, creating a finished edge on a garment without needing any extra sewing, making a ‘self’ ‘edge’ – hence how the word selvedge was formed. This prevents the denim from ever unravelling, creating a far sturdier and sustainable product.

However, not all selvedge is created equal. Quality, durability and construction will vary between the best selvedge and cheaper alternatives. This is why we only source from the finest and most reputable denim mills.

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Japanese denim is what springs to mind when you combine the words luxury and denim. They are the finest denim fabrics in the world and this is why they are in constant demand.

The Japanese have also gained their reputation as world leaders in selvedge denim production because of their highly skilled labour combined with the use of traditional manufacturing techniques that have long been abandoned elsewhere.

The most prestigious Japanese mills still continue to use looms from the 1920’s to create their selvedge denim. The manufacturing process is slower, more labour-intensive and expensive, however, this results in fabrics that have a supreme feel and incomparable appearance.

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Raw selvedge denim is selvedge denim in its purest form. It refers to selvedge denim that has not undergone a factory wash after the dyeing process. The beauty of raw selvedge denim is the ‘breaking in process’ which creates a jean completely unique to you depending on your daily lifestyle.

However, it’s not for everyone as it requires time, care and patience to have the satisfying result. It is ideal for those seeking a customised look, as the fading process is natural and authentic. No two pairs will ever look the same. Your raw selvedge denim will be as individual as you.


raw selvedge denim - one denim