One Denim believes aesthetics and ethics are not mutually exclusive. This principle underpins our commitment to promote ethical production and accountability for our brand, and the wider industry.

Traditional denim production requires an average water consumption of 11,156 litres of water and 54.48kg of CO2 for every pair of jeans made. This staggering figure includes growing the cotton and factory washing the jeans to achieve that worn in look.

With our new Collection Range, we've successfully reduced our production water consumption by 98% and our green house emissions by 92%. 

By sourcing only premium natural biodegradable organic fibres and recycled raw materials including fabrics, buttons, rivets, labels and stitching yarns, we've decreased cotton growing water consumption by 65% and eliminated 100% of the pesticides traditionally needed to grow the cotton.


Our partners share our vision of sustainable innovation, combining traditional handcrafted techniques in pattern cutting, stitching and scraping with low impact technology to minimise water waste, energy usage and associated pollution through recycling water during manufacture and through the use of solar power.

We embrace state-of-the-art technologies such as laser washing, that we used to create the military effect on some of our garments, without using traditional harmful dyeing techniques.

This innovative method requires just 1 glass of water per garment, compared to 200 litres traditionally required to make it. 


We take sustainability seriously!