Denim Factory

What does it take to make a great pair of jeans?

We spent months searching for the best ethical factory that can combine time-honoured craftsmanship techniques with innovative technologies. And we found it!



A14 was first established in 1982 in Istanbul as a family-owned business. In a short time, the company developed an outstanding customer base within both the domestic and international markets by combining global fashion trends with high-quality production standards.


This company is dedicated to preserving the heritage methods of constructing premium denim, pairing innovation with traditional, authentic craftsmanship methods.


They fulfil all responsibilities in terms of workers in the field of social compliance, suppliers and environment. They are monitored by independent audit firms BSCI and Sedex for social conformity.

Their audit rating is A.

Perfectly finished, inside and out! 


From the Italian chambray pocket linings to branded buttons and rivets, selvedge edge on the fly (both sides) and intricate chain stitching, we’re all about the finer details.

The best denim fabrics in the world deserve expert craftsmanship!