After 20 years in luxury fashion, we saw what clothing production does to our environment. 

We learned why luxe goods cost so much to buy and why brands have to sacrifice on quality to lower their retail price points. 

We wanted to change that, we knew there was a better way and we found it. 

We partner with the best ethical factories in the world and choose only the finest fabrics and materials. You can read up about them by clicking this link here.

By visiting our partners regularly, we build personal relations with them and work together closely on every step of the production process, ensuring our products are made to the highest possible standards.

We break down all the materials used to make our jeans and we show them to you on all our product pages.

This is transparency.

Yours and our responsibility to environmental issues have never been greater. This is why we only chose partners that invest in low impact technologies. 

Our Collection range is handcrafted in Italy entirely from premium organic and recycled materials. We then apply technological innovations such as laser washing to further reduce water waste and pollution. 

We've just created the most sustainable luxury denim ever made.

We believe in supporting a cause, so we donate 5% from every item sold to, helping them build clean hand wash stations for some of the worlds' most marginalised people.

It doesn't stop there. By operating exclusively online we forgo the traditional brand channels of wholesalers and fashion shops (middlemen) to save you the extra margins.

It also allows us to sell our denims at half of their traditional retail value, without sacrificing on quality.

It's a new way of doing things, better for you and better for our environment.

Still unsure?

Our products are backed with free UK shipping, free returns and a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked! 

By choosing Klarna at checkout, you can try our jeans at home before you pay for them.