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Born with an ambitious mission to offer luxury denim at 1/3 of it’s traditional retail value and with over 20 years experience in high-end fashion, we knew there was only ONE way to do it.

By operating exclusively online. So instead of selling to retailers worldwide who then sell on to you, we only sell our products directly to you. By skipping the traditional retail channels, we save on the extra margins and sell our luxury jeans at their true retail value.

It’s a new way of doing things and it gives us complete control of our brand. We launch new products continuously without having to wait for the traditional wholesale selling seasons, we get to deal with all our customers directly and we create value by eliminating the traditional brand distribution channels.

direct to consumer

At One, we design with a focus on fit and an obsession for quality. That’s why we partner with the best ethical factories and source fabrics from the finest denim mills in the world. We specialise in Japanese selvedge fabrics, known for their premium construction and outstanding quality. Our embroidered jeans are made in the UK using free-hand techniques, a highly skilled process that requires a lot of time and precision.

Our products are made to highest standards and have nothing to hide. You can read up on all our suppliers in the DNA section of our site and on product pages we break down all the materials used to make our jeans.

Delivered at our expense the next day within the UK in our luxurious signature packaging. UK returns are also free and we will arrange the collection from you. No fuss, no hassle.

Over the years we will build our brand on unparalleled customer service, ethical and sustainable production, transparency and fashion-forward luxury designs delivered at their real retail value.

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