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Created by a small team with a big vision. We believe we can make a difference in the denim world.  

When you think in a different way, you can approach an Industry from the inside out, question every process of its supply chain and radically change its traditional operational methods. 

ONE sells exclusively online, skipping the brand channels of wholesalers and fashion shops. 


By designing, producing and marketing our products directly to you, we streamline operations, speed up production timelines and eliminate all the additional margins created by these middle channels. This way, we give you the best denim products at their true retail value.

How do we define the best denim?

It’s not just about sourcing the finest denim fabrics and producing in premium factories. This is merely the result. It’s about designing in a new way, from the core to the outer layers to create a luxe product which not only looks and feels great, but you have the knowledge and appreciation that it’s made with responsibility towards our planet, and the people making it. We believe in transparency and we will always show you where we source our fabrics from and who makes our jeans. 

We are faithful to time-honoured craftsmanship techniques, but we also embrace technological innovations that advance our industry and drastically reduce our environmental impact.

All new collections are being made from organic and recycled fabrics, in one of the best denim factories in Italy who recycle all the water during the wash process. We are also introducing new innovative laser and ozone washing techniques to further reduce water waste and pollution. 


Innovation. Transparency. Sustainability.


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