Ryan Destiny in One Denim

Ryan Destiny is an American actress and singer, known for her role in Stars alongside Queen Latifah. She has an incredible following on her Instagram of 470k, where she posts outfit pictures alongside pictures of her everyday life and adventures. At Coachella, she styled a pair of One Denim’s men’s embroidered jeans worn over sport […]

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Helen Gedlu in One Denim

Dancer Helen Gedlu is known for her work with a wide array of amazing artists, including Chris Brown, Trey Songz and most recently Major Lazer. She has an impressive 204k followers on her Instagram, callherhelen, where she posts outfit pictures, dance videos and other videos and pictures about her exciting life. Helen wore a pair […]

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Jamie Fraiche in One Denim

Jamie Fraiche is a Marketer and Stylist based in LA, with a following of 183k on her Instagram, where she posts pictures of her outfits and lifestyle, all of which are modern, fashion forward and often a mix of grunge and feminine. Alongside her Instagram she posts videos of her personal style and makeup on […]

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Natalie Sallaum in One Denim

Lebanese influencer Natalie Sallaum has an impressive 160k followers on her Instagram where she posts very stylish pictures of her fashion and everyday life. She also has a new youtube channel where she does lifestyle and beauty videos. Natalie styled a pair of our embroidered flares, with a matching yellow t-shirt, Yves Saint Laurent edge […]

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Serayah McNeill in One Denim

Serayah McNeill is an American actress, model and singer known for her role in the hit show Empire. She also had a role in Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video, where she played ‘Dilemma’ alongside other female stars, showing her prominence in the industry. Serayah has a massive 1.2 million followers on her Instagram where […]

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CJ Perry (Lana WWE) in One Denim

CJ Perry is an American WWE superstar who performs under the name Lana, she is widely skilled with previous, and current, careers as an actress, model, singer, dancer and wrestler. CJ also features an astounding 2.1 million followers on her Instagram where she posts pictures of her outfits and everyday life, as well as pictures […]

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Raquel Yáñez in One Denim

Spanish youtuber Raquel Yáñez, or raquelreitx as she’s known on Instagram, has an impressive following, with 330k subscribers on her youtube channel and 217k followers on her Instagram. She creates content around Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle and features a wide range of videos on her youtube channel, including vlogs, hauls, outfit inspirations, tutorials and reviews. […]

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Zeynab El-Helw

Zeynab El-helw is a blogger based in Dubai, creating content around Fashion, Travel and Fitness. She has a massive following with 427k followers on her Instagram, alongside her online store and her blog where she displays her luxurious and on trend outfits. Zeynab styled a pair of our light wash, embroidered, cropped, slim boyfriend jeans- […]

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Elegant Magazine   Launched in 2013, Elegant Magazine provides articles and content on fashion, beauty and art as well as providing a ‘gateway for aspiring artists’.     In their latest issue, One Denim was featured and styled in their Cloud shoot. Within the shoot, the denim was shown with oversized pairings and a mix […]

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IMute magazine

IMute magazine   Launched in 2013, IMute is a self-described ‘independent and inspirational’ online magazine that ‘showcases work from all around the world’. The magazine is very visual with little to no words.   Within their Winter 2017 issue, One Denim’s embroidered, light wash jeans were featured in their ‘Heartbreaker’ shoot, paired with a pink […]

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