Japanese selvedge is what springs to mind when you think of the words luxury and denim. It is arguably the finest; most premium denim in the world and this is why it continues to be so sought after.The Japanese have gained their reputation as unprecedented world leaders in selvedge production because of their highly skilled labor combined with the use of traditional manufacturing techniques that have long been abandoned elsewhere.




Before Toyota was a successful car manufacturer, it first produced textile looms under the name Toyoda and since the 1920’s; Japan has continued to use these machines to create their selvedge denim. Although looms have further advanced since then, the most prestigious Japanese mills still continue to use the Toyoda looms. The weaving process on these old style shuttle looms creates inconsistent variations and imperfections in the denim and these characteristics are what excite denim enthusiasts.


Despite this manufacturing process being slower, more labor intensive and more expensive, the jeans produced in this way have a feel and appearance that is second to none. One Denim sources the majority of its fabrics from Kurabo, Kuroki and Nihon Menpu mills, all of which are located in Okayama, Japan. These mills are considered to be the most premium suppliers of Japanese selvedge denim.



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