Demi-couture embroidered denim

In collaboration with Jenny King, one of the most experienced and exciting embroidery and mixed-media textile UK designers today, we have launched our exclusive free hand embroidered denim range.

Jenny’s team are specialised in satin-stitch Irish embroidery, Cornelly, hand, domestic and fabric manipulation techniques. Their skill is in producing ‘demi-couture’ embroideries offering the highest quality of couture detail yet achieved, and this is clearly apparent in One Denim’s range.

Each appliqué has been designed and individually embroidered on a hand guided, highly specialised machine that ceased production in the 1950s, a process which requires a lot of skill and precision.



The free-hand satin stitch embroidery that can be produced on this hand guided machine is far superior to the more recent computerised techniques, both in terms of creativity, detailing and quality.

Jenny is proud to preserve a technique that could otherwise become a dying art.

Our limited edition made to order embroidered range, features floral and butterfly designs combines with panthers which signify confidence and power, snake skeletons that represent sexual energy and temptation and a sparrow which is a symbol of undying love.

Combined, these motifs make up the DNA of One Denim.


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