Code of Conduct


One Denim is committed to reach high standards of ethical trading through its extended supply chain policy therefore all parties including suppliers and manufacturers, their subcontractors and other business partners (the “Business Partners”) that are involved in One Denim supply chain are required to compel to the One Denim Ethical Trading Code of Conduct (the “Code of Conduct”).

One Denim business model is based on the concept of offering high quality fashion at exceptionally low prices. One Denim puts great emphasis on the quality aspect, moreover we insist on our products to be manufactured in a most environmentally friendly and sustainable way. For that reason One Denim is committed to working closely with all relevant Business Partners aiming to develop long-term relations regardless the differences in national cultures, norms, traditions, or laws.

One Denim Code of Conduct is drafted and valid in the English language. Moreover the English version will prevail in case of any disagreements occurred between the English version of Code of Conduct and other versions in other languages that should be considered as translations for convenience only.

In this Code of Conduct One Denim specified what is needed from our Business Partners in order to meet our requirements, which are based primarily on fair working conditions, responsible management and international standards of law, such as Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and applicable ILO Conventions, as well as national legislation.

Legal Requirements

All our Business Partners have to follow the national laws in the countries where they operate. In case of conflict between Code of Conduct and any national law of the country where our business partners operate the national law will prevail.

Child Labour and Young Workers Labour

One Denim does not accept child labour, for more details refer to ILO Conventions 138 and 182 and to the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child).
One Denim and all our Business Partners must ensure no person is employed at the age below the age required by law for a person to work. All references to the above point must be in line with the national legislation of the country where One Denim and all our Business Partners operate.

One Denim recognises the rights of every person to be protected from work in dangerous, exploitative or harmful to health conditions, moreover One Denim and all our Business Partners must acknowledge that the tasks workers will be given must be safe and suited to their level of development.

Moreover their work must conform to national labour legislation as well as must not expose them, their health, their rights to education, relaxation and play to any risk or danger.

Workers’ Rights

Neither One Denim nor all our Business Partners accept any form of forced labour, or any discrimination, moreover neither One Denim nor all our Business Partners should accept the use of prison or illegal labour in the production of One Denim goods.

It is employer’s responsibility to treat all employees on the basis of equal rights, regardless of religion, nationality, disabilities, sex, race or social origin. Moreover females should be given equal access to employment, in addition to that they cannot be discriminate on the basis of their pregnancy or maternity leave.
We insist that all our Business Partners treat their employees with respect and dignity, no humiliation or any sort of verbal harassment or abuse is allowed.

One Denim as well as all our Business Partners should respect employees’ right to negotiate as a group with their employer. This right to freedom association and collective bargaining should be respected by any of our Business Partners unless otherwise is stated by law. In that case no Business partner is allowed to obstruct other forms of association.

All our Business Partners must ensure that there is a legally binding employment contract with every employee. It is employers’ responsibility to inform all their workers about their rights and obligations.

All our Business Partners must ensure that working hours comply with the industry standard and national legislation; at any time working hours should not exceed 48 hours on regular basis or 60 hours in seven-day period including overtime.
Overtime must always be paid at a premium rate and should not be forced or demanded.
All employees are entitled to holidays and sick leave, however they must be in line with the industry standards and national legislation.

One Denim and all our Business Partners must ensure that every employee is paid the minimum wage set by the legislation of the country where the company operates. Wages should be paid out regularly, moreover each employee should receive a pay slip, which provides all details of how the wage is made up.

Health and Safety

One Denim encourage all our Business Partners to maintain clean, hygienic and save working environment in all premises.

It is our Business Partners’ responsibility to provide each employee with safe working environment at all times. Moreover we insist that the use of any hazardous equipment should be banned as well as work in unsafe buildings should not be accepted.

All our Business Partners must ensure that the emergency exits on all floors are unblocked, and clearly marked. Moreover it is our Business Partners’ responsibility to ensure that regular false fire alarm trainings are provided for all employees.

To avoid any accidents causing injuries to any employee our Business Partners should provide all relevant first aid equipment in the workplace.

International Standards

One Denim’s Code of Conduct is based on the following international standards:
– The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code
– The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
– The Fundamental Conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).
With respect to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) fundamental conventions on
Labour Standards, the following provisions have been referenced in the development of this
– Freedom of association Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to
Organize Convention, 1948 (No. 87)
– Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining Convention, 1949 (No. 98)
– The abolition of forced labour Forced Labour Convention, 1930 (No. 29)
– Abolition of Forced Labour Convention, 1957 (No. 105)
– Equality Discrimination (Employment and Occupation) Convention, 1958 (No. 111)
– Equal Remuneration Convention, 1951 (No. 100)
– The elimination of child labour Minimum Age Convention, 1973 (No. 138)
– Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention, 1999 (No. 182)

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