About ONE


We sell our premium jeans directly to you, so you will never see them in traditional fashion shops or department stores. This is because we want full control of our brand, always maintaining a direct relationship with all our customers.

We also want to ensure you purchase the real value of our products, without the unnecessary margins applied when selling through the traditional wholesale and retail channels.


It took 2 years to plan and create our brand. Our styles have been meticulously developed ensuring they fit well and keep you comfortable. Our fabric suppliers have been chosen carefully and we only offer the most luxurious and sustainable denims available.

The denim mills we work with are the most prestigious in the world, some of which have been making premium denim fabrics for over 100 years.


Our jeans are produced in a high end ethical factory that manufacture for other premium and luxury brands. Every jean passes through 20 different check points in its production cycle, ensuring our products are all finished to the highest standards.

The embroidery on our denims are made in the UK using free-hand techniques, an expensive and skilled process that requires a lot of time and precision.


As a company, we are completely transparent and believe our customers have the right to know where we source our fabrics and who produces our jeans. All the information on our suppliers can be found in the One Brand section of our site and in all our product pages.

As a brand, we offer luxury grade denims that are ethically made to the highest standards, delivered at their true retail value.


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